Introducing your baby to Nigerian food

Introducing your baby to Nigerian food

Generally, when babies start showing interest in what you eat, they’re ready for real food. This was one of the first things we learnt about introducing our baby to solids. Allow me to preface this post by adding that every baby is different, and what worked for us may not work for you. We were very fortunate that, both mother and child had no issues with breastfeeding. So, we never had any need to supplement

Valentine’s day idea – 3 Course Meal

This valentine’s day idea for dinner was inspired by our friend Kachi, over at KacheeTee. She recently reached out and asked a simple question: What meal do you think men should cook for their wives/ GF/ Fiancee this Valentine, and why have you chosen this? For the full post from Kachi, see here. See my response below. I’d like you to try it out and share how it went in the comments’ section below. I
Moi Moi leaf

Moi Moi leaves

This week, I wanted to share a really quick post on some information on the moi moi leaves I found when doing some research for my moin moin recipe post. Traditionally, the moi moi leaves are used in making moin moin. It takes quite some skill to pour liquid(ground beans) into carefully folded leaves, and ensure that when the wrap is placed in a pot to steam, the ground beans don’t leak out. The leaves
Ikes Cafe & Grill

Ike’s Cafe & Grill (Atlanta, Georgia)

I got to Atlanta early Sunday morning; the trip necessitated by the compulsory in-person appearance required by the Nigerian consulate to get your passport renewed. And after going to church with my cousin, and lunch at my aunt’s, I was ready for a nap. I’d been up since 4am in order to catch my flight. I had told my friend Chinenye, whom I hadn’t seen in years that I’d be in town, and we’d agreed

Typical Nigerian Street Food

One thing is guaranteed, Nigerian street food is the most delicious stuff you’ll ever eat in Nigeria. Sure, there are fancy restaurants, and there are celebrity chefs, and you might even get to eat delicious home cooked meals, but nothing beats street food. Children have gotten punished over and over again by parents for sneaking out to buy street food, and they still sneak out again. Students have gotten in trouble with teachers for sneaking
Healthy Alternatives to White Rice

5 Healthy Alternatives to White Rice

White rice, White rice, White rice! I love me some white rice! My rice of choice is currently Jasmine rice. I can eat Jasmine rice and stew all day every day for a month! I know there are many of you like me out there. This post is for us! lol! The issue with white rice is that it is predominantly carbohydrate, and unless you are trying to bulk up, it is not the best
Top 5 Nigerian Foods

Top 5 Foods at a Nigerian Party (Owambe)

Nigerians, we love our parties! Give us any chance to celebrate, and there needs to be a party. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, birth of a baby, job promotion…sometimes we have parties just because it’s Saturday and we didn’t find anything else to do. Turn down for What???!!! And we don’t just party just to get together and dance, there has to be food. Afterall, any party without Nigerian food is not a party at all, it’s
My mum, grandma and I

Nigerian Foods for Diabetics – A personal story

As I mentioned in the about page, my grandma was very influential in my learning to cook, and as we both got older, I prepared a lot of her meals. As I grew older (older being still under 12), I learnt that she was diabetic. I don’t know that I completely understood what being diabetic meant in those early years, but I knew it meant that ‘mama’ ate differently from us. I learnt that she
Puff puff

Funmi’s Cafe (Louisville, Kentucky)

We live about an hour from Funmi’s Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky. I heard about Funmi’s Cafe by the famous ‘word of mouth’. A Lebanese friend from work who grew up in Nigeria had told me I needed to go check it out. The conversation went something like this; Favorite

Selecting and storing fresh vegetables & fruits

It might seem very logical that food tastes best when it is freshly cooked. What is not always logical, is the best way to ensure that the ingredients which go into making that delicious meal are fresh. The rotting squishy tomatoes…the bell pepper that has lost its crunch…the squishy cucumber…these are never good signs. Favorite

5 beautiful and fun ways to present pounded yam! 🙂

In our commitment to promoting Nigerian foods, we decided to explore and share a few nice but easy methods to serve our starchy foods. Check out the presentation below. Favorite
Spooky Poundo

Spooky Poundo

Imagine coming down early in the morning, while it’s still dark out, and your spouse is sitting at the table with a candle and a plate of spooky poundo and egusi, saying “Good morning darling! Breakfast is ready!” Thankfully, that is not my story, but those little chills that crept up your spine as you read? Totally worth it 🙂 Favorite
Creepy Akara

Creepy Akara (Happy Halloween!)

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Insert more creepy laughter here!* Lol! You already know you get fun, laughter and bits of crazy when you throw Mrs NaijaChef and I together. About a month ago, she suggested that we had to do a post for halloween. The conversation went something like this… Favorite
Nigerian Flag Eba

Healthy Eba (Garri) – Nigeria 55th Independence day post

Lol! Healthy Garri! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Please stop! There is no such thing. Garri is carbs is carbs is carbs. However, adding vegetables to your eba, does make it a little bit healthier. I know people turn up their noses at the thought of green eba, but it’s not that strange of a concept. If you think about it, it’s the same way we have pasta and chips that are “vegetable fortified” these days. I had seen
Healthy packaging

So, the packaging says it’s healthy right?

So, as a typical Naija guy, I tend to eat what I want, when I want and how I like it and nobody should tell me otherwise. This was me tillll…enter Mrs Naija Chef. This is not a health blog of course and I love sweet things too much to be the one dispensing healthy eating habits. However, we’ve all heard the saying… Favorite

My experience with the GM Diet

Me? Diet? Never. In my head, dieting means depriving myself of certain foods or limiting your food or changing what you eat for extended periods of time. I could never be convinced to try any type of diet. I eat what I want and I do play a lot of soccer which invariably helps me maintain my weight. Unfortunately for me, I also like a challenge. Late 2014, my co-worker challenged me to the GM
Date Night Dinner

45 minute gourmet dinner

Ever spent a significant portion of your day thinking about what you’re going to make for dinner? The ingredients you need, how you’re going to make it and you play it over and over and over…and over in your head, and then you get home and you execute? No? Oh okay, Me neither 🙂 Well, except for this 1 day -___-. It was date night in our house, and we’d planned to finally watch frozen.
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