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Typical Nigerian Street Food

One thing is guaranteed, Nigerian street food is the most delicious stuff you’ll ever eat in Nigeria. Sure, there are fancy restaurants, and there are celebrity chefs, and you might even get to eat delicious home cooked meals, but nothing beats street food.

Children have gotten punished over and over again by parents for sneaking out to buy street food, and they still sneak out again. Students have gotten in trouble with teachers for sneaking out of school to buy street food, and they still do it again. Husbands have bought street food, refused to eat their wives’ food, and suffered dire consequences, and they still love street food. There’s no denying everyone loves Nigerian street food. It might not be prepared under the most sanitary conditions, but those who make street food have an innate ability in the culinary arts that cannot be taught.

Nigeria is such a diverse country, with over 100 different languages, street food available really depends on where exactly in the country you find yourself. However, we will highlight some of the more popular Nigerian street food.


Suya is spicy skewered meat which originates from the Hausa people from Northern Nigeria. Suya is peculiar for the unique yaji spice in which the meat is marinated before being barbecued. The yaji spice recipe is a tightly controlled secret. It is made up of ground peanuts, salt, red pepper, ginger, bouillon cubes amongst other spices. The ratio of this formula is however not commonly known. Suya is now commonly available all over Nigeria and it is a truly Nigerian street food.


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Top 5 Foods at a Nigerian Party (Owambe)

Top 5 Nigerian Foods

Nigerians, we love our parties! Give us any chance to celebrate, and there needs to be a party. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, birth of a baby, job promotion…sometimes we have parties just because it’s Saturday and we didn’t find anything else to do. Turn down for What???!!! And we don’t just party just to get together and dance, there has to be food. Afterall, any party without Nigerian food is not a party at all, it’s just a meeting!

So here is a list of top 5 foods to expect when you attend a Nigerian party.

Jollof Rice

Every other food on this list is probably open to debate depending on who you talk to. Jollof Rice is not. If you attend a Nigerian party, and there is no Jollof, don’t hang around, they’re not sure what they’re doing. Don’t listen to stories of, “Oh, I wanted to try something different.” Why? It is Jollof for a reason. Nobody gets tired of Jollof. Jollof exists to help party planners have at least 1 dish figured out. It’s a no-brainer.

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