5 beautiful and fun ways to present pounded yam! :)

In our commitment to promoting Nigerian foods, we decided to explore and share a few nice but easy methods to serve our starchy foods. Check out the presentation below.


The Wrap

This is probably the one most people are familiar with. This is very simple, but the lines formed on the pounded yam after wrapping, are beautiful and natural. This is done in 3 simple steps:

  1. Pile the pounded yam unto a piece of cling wrap or nylon.
  2. Grab the ends of the cling wrap or nylon and wrap tightly, twirling till there are no air pockets and the pounded yam is wrapped tightly.
  3. Peel the nylon back and you should have the natural lines on the pounded yam.
Wrapped Morsel Presentation

Wrapped Morsel Presentation


The Ice Cream Scoops

This was by far my favorite of the five. It is very easy to present as well, and how you end up arranging each scoop is completely dependent on your mood and how innovative you are!

I have a T-Fal trigger scoop. The trigger ensures that the scoops are cleaned out. Definitely make sure to get a scoop with a trigger.

  1. Dip your ice cream scoop into cold water.
  2. Take a scoop of the pounded yam and add to your plate. Add as many scoops as you desire, and serve.
Ice Cream Scoop Presentation

The Ice Scream Scoops


The Cookie Cutter

This is another fun method of presentation. I can see this really connecting with kids. If you have kids and they’re reluctant to eat pounded yam, have some fun with them with a cookie cutter. Any cookie cutter works. This one connected with my inner kid, lol. I must warn though, I used a star cookie cutter, and it was difficult to get the pounded yam out of the sharp corners. A heart-shaped, or circular cutter might work better.

  1. Take a lump of the pounded yam and put on a plate or a flat board.
  2. Dip your cookie cutter in cold water and press the cookie cutter all the way through the pounded yam.
  3. Take a knife and scrape all around the cookie cutter and over the top.
Cookie Cutter Presentation

The Ice Scream Scoops


Zen rocks Poundo

This presentation was inspired by “Zen rocks” arrangement typical at spas and people’s homes, a symbol of calmness. I’m not sure how one can keep calm when you’re about to consume pounded yam though, but we did it anyway! 🙂

  1. Wash your hands, and then keep it moist. Take a lump of the pounded yam and rub finely between your palms until flattened.
  2. Repeat and stack each ‘rock’ on top of each other
Cookie Cutter Presentation

The Ice Scream Scoops


The roll

This is a very popular method and the most common I’ve seen people talk about. Dunni of Dooney’s Kitchen has a blog post here where she shows step by step how to put the roll together.

The eba roll

Photo credit: My active kitchen

If you would prefer to watch a video instead, see this video from All Nigerian Recipes below.

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  1. Ooooh the ice cream scoop one is my favorite!

    • Me Too! <3 I think kids will really like the cookie cutter one though! 🙂

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