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I have been cooking since I was 3! True story! For some reason, I was very curious about what went on in the kitchen as a kid. I would want to watch everything being prepared. My mom, fortunately or unfortunately, encouraged me. She would tell me that I couldn’t walk about in the kitchen, but I could stand on a stool(Àpótí- In my mother tongue, Yoruba) in the corner to get a vantage height of what was going on. And that’s how it began!

The very 1st thing I learnt to make was Eba (made by mixing ‘garri,’ a flour made from cassava, into hot boiling water to form a solid paste). My mom, or someone else would boil water for me, pour some in a bowl and give me a spoon and some garri and set me to my task. My grandma, rest her soul, was also highly influential in my learning to cook. My mom would come home to find the vestiges of our experiments; chin-chin, jollof rice, pounded yam(yup, with mortar & pestle!). As for baking, I learnt that from my sister. I was always eager to help so I could eat the leftovers from the cake mix! I don’t like baking a lot though, because it’s a precise science and takes a lot of time. Lol!

I am a man of many interests! However, for this blog, I am going to focus on my experience with food. I would not call myself a ‘foodie,’ but I do love food, and there are very few things that give me greater pleasure than being in the kitchen, cooking!

I am Nigerian. I believe there are several things about Nigeria, and Africa at large that the world doesn’t get to see and I have decided to use my passion for food as an avenue to showcase an aspect of our culture to the world. As I cook regular meals or try new things, I will blog about it. My madame, Kola, over at Beta Motivation, has volunteered to be my taste tester!

If you enjoy cooking, and you feel completely at home in the kitchen, welcome to my world!

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    Emmanuel 3 years ago

    Ayo, I have been using your website to cook some delicious stuff. This is awesome and thanks for putting this together.

    • Hey Emmanuel! Thanks for the note! Good to know the content is helpful. Feel free to leave a note on the recipes to let me know what was helpful or what could be better and what you did differently if any!

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