Creepy Akara (Happy Halloween!)

Creepy Akara

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Insert more creepy laughter here!*

Lol! You already know you get fun, laughter and bits of crazy when you throw Mrs NaijaChef and I together. About a month ago, she suggested that we had to do a post for halloween. The conversation went something like this…

Mrs NaijaChef: We have to do something for Halloween.
Me: What do you mean?
She: We need to think outside the box.

She proceeded to show me accounts on YouTube like Rosanna Pansino and Christine McConnell on Instagram.

Me: HA! I’m not that creative o! Ahn ahn, people play with food too much! *insert thick naija accent*
She: Don’t Worry! I gat this! Just cook the food and I’ll hook it up.

Well, you’ve already seen how to make akara here…What you don’t know, is what happened when that akara episode was said and done. See the easy steps below.

What you will need:

  • 5 pieces of Akara
  • About 25 ears of corn
  • 10 toothpicks
  • 10 tomato wedges


  1. Prepare your akara as shown here
  2. Cut a slit on one side of the akara about a third of the way in.
  3. Slicing the akara!

  4. Next, insert corn into the recently cut slit for teeth.
  5. Teething akara! 🙂

  6. Bend the toothpicks slightly at about 1/3 length of the picks. Do NOT bend all the way or it will break 🙁
  7. Toothpicks for legs!

  8. Insert a toothpick at opposite ends of the akara. The akara will sit on its belly, not the toothpicks, so, don’t try to balance the akara on the toothpicks, Lol.
  9. Toothpicks for legs!

  10. Finally, balance little tomato wedges on the top of the akara for eyes!
  11. Tomatoes for eyes! Tada!

      All Done! Watch the video below to see the steps in action. Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

      If you try to recreate this, or serve this in your restaurant for halloween, please tag us and let us know on social media, or send us a note! Happy trick-or-treating!

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