Funmi’s Cafe (Louisville, Kentucky)

Puff puff

We live about an hour from Funmi’s Cafe in Louisville, Kentucky. I heard about Funmi’s Cafe by the famous ‘word of mouth’. A Lebanese friend from work who grew up in Nigeria had told me I needed to go check it out. The conversation went something like this;

Him: “Yo Ayo, have you been to Funmi’s Cafe man?”
Me: “No”.
Him: “You gotta check it out man, the food is so good. Reminds me of Lagos”
Me: “Oh really, yea I should.”

I’d also heard about it from another friend who’s Nigerian. She told me she loved the place and she went there every time she was in Kentucky. She particularly told me that the menu was diverse and she always saw lots of people with different nationalities in there. So, after hearing about Funmi’s Cafe a couple of times from these two friends, Mrs NaijaChef and I decided to go check it out. We went on a Saturday afternoon. I had called two days earlier, and had told her I was a food blogger and would like to come try the food and do a blog post about it.

We got there just after 1PM. We don’t know Louisville at all, but it seemed like it was in a nice part of town in a strip mall. There was no one else there at the time, which Mrs NaijaChef and I were happy about because it meant we could take pictures and all. There was a middle-aged man at the front when we walked in (who we later found out is Funmi’s husband, Yomi). He welcomed us courteously, told us to sit wherever we liked and brought us menus.

Funmi's Cafe

Funmi’s Cafe

So, in order to give a well-rounded review, we got to ordering! 🙂 Boy, did we order! We ordered: Jollof Rice, Stewed Beans (Ewa Riro), Pounded yam with Egusi(this was actually on the dinner menu, but after a quick check with the kitchen, we were told it was okay), Moin Moin, Fried Plantain(Dodo), Kelewele, I insisted on starting off with pepper soup, and we ordered cold zobo to drink as well(Seems we finished the zobo before taking a picture, lol!) . On average, each lunch item was between $3 – $5. They also had a vegetarian menu, but we didn’t even bother with it. We’re meat lovers! See the gallery below. Click to enlarge.

Now, what next after we ordered is truly impressive. Every single thing we ordered was out in 20-25 minutes, and everything was hot and tasted fresh! How she did it, I am yet to know! Considering the variety of items, Mrs NaijaChef and I were pleasantly surprised! And the food was good too! The peppersoup had potatoes so it was just very slightly thickened and creamy. The goat meat was tender. The pounded yam and egusi were just like my mom used to make it. And Mrs NaijaChef swore the zobo was the same as the one her and her friends used to sneak out of school to buy! Our pleasure was reflected in the evidence that we finished every single thing we ordered. I won’t say who ate more of the two of us! (hint: It wasn’t me ;)) Yomi soon came to ask us whether we would like to order dessert. We responded with a definitive No. We had our fill. A few minutes later, he came to inform us that some puff puff was being made for us, and it was on the house, and that she was just making it fresh. 😯 Fresh puff puff? On the house? We could definitely manage that! And then it came! Peep this!?

Puff puff

Puff puff

So, this whole time, we hadn’t introduced ourselves, so I assume the puff puff was really just an honest gesture. 🙂 When the puff puff came out, we then asked if Funmi was in, and she came out. She’s really a lovely person! We chatted a little about her experiences and how they ended up in Kentucky, and we told her a little about ourselves and NaijaChef. We had a great experience and it was definitely worth the drive! If you’re in Kentucky or nearby, check it out!

Ayo & Funmi

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