Healthy Eba (Garri) – Nigeria 55th Independence day post

Nigerian Flag Eba

Lol! Healthy Garri! Hahahahahahahahahaha! Please stop! There is no such thing. Garri is carbs is carbs is carbs. However, adding vegetables to your eba, does make it a little bit healthier.

I know people turn up their noses at the thought of green eba, but it’s not that strange of a concept. If you think about it, it’s the same way we have pasta and chips that are “vegetable fortified” these days. I had seen the “Ebbage” trend on the internet popularized by the lovely Dunni of Dooney’s Kitchen, and I had initially turned up my nose at the idea of coloring eba too, but this seemed like the perfect idea for an independence day post. Having tried this now, trust me, it doesn’t taste any different from regular eba.

For the green eba, I blended 3 cups of spinach, 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 a green bell pepper. The green bell pepper was not necessary for the color, I just thought it might add some flavor. It didn’t really, lol. One green bell pepper does have 150% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C though.

Blended spinach & green bell pepper!

If you’ve never made Eba before, the process of making morsels, is quite similar. If you’re willing to try, once the water is boiling in the pot, stir in the garri evenly with a wooden spoon, and continue to mix till it all comes together on low-medium heat.

I started off with 1/2 a cup of boiling water and 1/2 cup of garri.
Next, I added in the blended spinach and pepper and the remaining 1/2 cup of garri. The picture below looks kind of icky doesn’t it? Trust me, it’s all fine when done.

Adding the blend to garri!

Stir till everything comes together. Remember not to cook too long, or you start to destroy the vitamin C from the green bell pepper, and the eba will start to turn brown. I also made some regular eba for my Nigerian flag.

Finished Eba!

Finally, I took a bowl and shaped each rectangular portion of the flag.

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  1. Ha! I still don’t know if i’m completely sold that this makes eba healthier (there’s a part of me that thinks eba is a type of atomic bomb Lol) BUT i am very impressed that the green bell pepper has so much vitamin C! I’ve always looked down on it because it’s always the cheapest at Walmart and honestly, it just looks like an unripe red pepper LOL. Might have to cook more with this – too bad ayamashe cooks out all the usefulness from it.

    Maybe I’ll start adding it to my regular stews at the end of the cooking process…hmmnn

    • It does make eba healthier because it adds to the volume and reduces the amount of carbs you might have otherwise consumed. Doesn’t mean it’s a healthy meal, but it’s ‘healthier’.

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