Healthy Dodo

Healthy Dodo




5 min


15 min


Ripe plantains 2
Salt To taste
Dry red pepper To taste
Non stick cooking spray

This is another simple recipe to help everyone who’s on their fitfam quest. We all love some fried plantains. Dodo is amazing! It goes with everything. Indomie, Fried eggs, Rice…all kinds of rice!

I love dodo, but for some reason I don’t like frying food. Maybe, it’s because the oil tends to splash and make a mess. Maybe it’s because you have to be there and watch it the whole time it’s frying. Maybe it’s because there’s a good chance by the time you’re done frying, it might be cold or even worse, someone else might’ve been eating while you were frying. Mrs Naijachef though would rather not fry her plantains because it makes her feel good to keep her food healthy and not soak it in oil. So, how do we get around that you ask?

Prep Step 🙁

  1. Peel the plantain. If you’ve never peeled one before, I have a video that shows how here.
  2. Sliced Plantain

    Sliced Plantain

  3. Cover a baking pan with aluminum foil and spray with non stick cooking spray.
  4. Next, arrange your plantains on the tray. Sprinkle with some salt and dry red pepper and spray with the cooking spray again. This allows you to use less oil, but prevents the plantains from being too dry.
  5. Dodo for broiling

    Dodo for broiling

How to cook the plantains

  1. Turn on the broil setting on the oven. If you can control the temperature, set to 400F or 204C.
  2. And this is how we get around frying. We broil the plantains instead and use the oil spray to prevent the plantains from being dry. The rest goes by very fast.

  3. Put the plantains in the middle rack in the oven and broil for 10 minutes. Put the plantains in immediately you turn on the oven. The plantains should look like the image below after ten minutes.
  4. Broiled dodo

    After broiling for 10 minutes

  5. After 10 minutes, turn each plantain over. You can spray this side again before putting it back in the oven. Broil again for another 5 minutes.
  6. Broiled dodo

    Final result

You can eat this alone or as an accompaniment with several dishes. It is typically eaten with rice dishes.

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  1. Avatar
    Tunde Jagun 10 months ago

    I tried this today and I was very nice alternative to fried dodo which I had stopped eaten as part my healthy eating lifestyle

  2. Avatar
    Tunde Jagun 10 months ago

    I tried this today and it was a very nice alternative to fried dodo which I had stopped eating as part of my healthy eating lifestyle. Thank you to

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