Kunnu Gyada

Kunnu Gyada




25 min


15 min


Regular rice (not parboiled) 1/2 cup
Roasted groundnuts 2 cups
Tamarind concentrate 2 tbsps
Water 5.5 cups

Kunnu Gyada is a drink which originates from the northern part of Nigeria. It is made from rice and groundnuts and has a slightly sweet and sour taste given by the added tamarind and however much sugar you add to sweeten it. There are many types of kunnu depending on the ingredients. Another popular drink is kunnu aya which is made from tiger nuts. Gyada translates to peanuts and aya is tigernuts; you get the naming convention.

I recently learnt how to make this drink and I think it is very rich and flavorful. It is also relatively simple to make with the method I will explain below.

Prep Steps

  1. Soak the white rice with 2 cups of water for about 4 hours or longer.
  2. Soaked Rice for kunnu gyada

    Soaked Rice

  3. Next, soak the roasted groundnuts with 3 cups for 3 hours or longer. You can soak this at the same time as the rice.
  4. Soaked Peanuts for kunnu gyada

    Soaked Peanuts

  5. Mix the tamarind concentrate with 1/2 cup of water.

Making the Kunnu gyada

  1. Blend the soaked rice with the water that it’s soaked in and set aside.
  2. Blending the rice for kunnu gyada

    Blending the rice

  3. Blend the soaked groundnut with the water you soaked it with and set aside.
  4. Blending the peanuts for the kunnu gyada

    Blending the peanuts

    Note: If you’d like to use just the milk from the groundnuts for a more watery recipe, you can get a cheesecloth to strain the blended groundnuts. Just use the strained milk instead of the whole blend further on. I prefer the kunnu thick and don’t strain for this recipe though.
  5. Start by cooking the blended rice for a few minutes; about 5-10 minutes whilst stirring continuously.
  6. Cooking blended rice

    Cooking blended rice

  7. Once the rice blend starts to cook, you can add in the blended groundnuts.
  8. Adding the blended groundnuts

    Adding the blended groundnuts

  9. Again, let it cook while stirring. Once it starts to come to a boil, add in the tamarind and take off the stove. If you don’t have tamarind, you can replace with lemon juice.
  10. After adding in tamarind

    After adding in tamarind

And that’s it. After it cools down, add in sugar to taste. Personally, I love sugar, and this tasted fine without sugar, but when I added sugar it took it to the next level. So, it’s really up to you.

Special thanks to my friends, Fatima and Uduak for their help with this recipe!

The image below is presented with the glass garnished inside with syrup and topped with crushed peanuts. Enjoy!

Kunnu gyada

Kunnu gyada

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