Nigerian Buns

Nigerian Buns




15 min


15 min


All purpose flour 2 cups
Baking powder 1/2 tsp
Sugar 1/4 cup
Grated nutmeg 1/2 tsp
Eggs 2
Oil or melted butter 4 tbsps
Water 1/4 cup
Evaporated Milk 3 tbsps

Nigerian buns are typical Nigerian street food. Growing up, I don’t recall ever visiting anyone and being offered buns. Neither did we make buns at home.

My only memory of Nigerian buns, were the people who hawked them on the street in boxes made of wood and glass.

For those of us living outside Nigeria though, we do get those cravings for buns. It is not as simple as finding where they sell it on the road, and buying some. We have to go to the kitchen and create it in the kitchen.

And if you do live in Nigeria, there’s every chance you likely prefer it freshly made in your house.

Here goes!

Prepping the buns mix

The ingredients for this recipe are very simple. The trickiest part is getting the consistency right. I have measured the ingredients perfectly to take the guess work out of it.

  1. Combine all the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, salt, nutmeg and sugar) in a bowl.
  2. Nigerian Buns Dry Ingredients

    Nigerian Buns Dry Ingredients

  3. In another bowl, combine the “wet ingredients” (eggs, water, oil, evaporated milk) together.
  4. Nigerian Buns Wet Ingredients

    Nigerian Buns Wet Ingredients

  5. Next, mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients to make your dough. You can use your hands, a fork or a wooden spoon to combine the ingredients. You want a rough consistency. Be sure to not overwork your dough.
  6. Nigerian Buns Mix

    Nigerian Buns Mix

  7. Heat your oil on medium heat. Do not start frying the buns until the oil is properly hot. You don’t want it too hot either, or the outside will get done quick, leaving the inside raw.

Frying the buns

  1. I have found that using an ice cream scoop is easiest in shaping the buns. Simply dip the scoop in oil(to prevent sticking) and scoop the dough into the hot oil. If you know the puff puff method of using your hands, that works as well.
  2. Ice cream scoop method

    Ice cream scoop method

  3. When you drop the dough in the oil, it’ll sink to the bottom. Make sure you start stirring and turning the buns immediately.
  4. When the buns are getting done, they will float to the top. They will no longer be submerged in the oil, and you will see cracks in the skin.
  5. Nigerian Buns

    Fried Buns


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  1. In the Caribbean we have basically the same thing….All ingredients same but instead of frying we drop onto greased flat pan or even a bread loaf and bake. Very delicious.
    We call it drops or buns. Also shredded coconut can be added.

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