Ogbono (Apon) Soup

Ogbono (Apon) Soup




20 min


Palm Oil or any other cooking oil 1/4 cup
Ground Ogbono seeds 1 cup
Dry Pepper 1 tsp
Salt 1/2 tsp
Knorr bouillon seasoning 1 tsp or 1 cube
Ground dry crayfish 1 tbsp
Cooked Stockfish [optional] 1 cup
Cooked Meats [optional] 1 cup

I have a funny story to tell about Ogbono soup. When I was still in university, I made sure I cooked big pots of stew and vegetable stew every Sunday so I didn’t have to think about food during the week. This particular sunday, however, I decided I was going to step it up a notch and add some egusi to my efo 🙂

God bless my mum! I always bragged in those days, that my own ‘African food store’ was in my kitchen. So I quickly dug around in my fridge and brought out my ‘egusi’. Back then, I wasn’t skilled with my egusi yet, I just took a scoop, added it to my efo and let it cook for a bit. Imagine my surprise when I came back a few minutes later to stir, to find that my efo was slimy! 😆
See below… Egusi on the left, ground ogbono on the right.

Egusi vs Ogbono

Egusi vs Ogbono

Ogbono (Ibo) or Aapon (yoruba), are the seeds of the African Bush Mango, Oro(yoruba). According to mummy naijachef, there are 2 kinds; an edible kind and an inedible kind. Apon comes from the inedible kind. The scientific name for the African Bush Mango is Irvingia Gabonesis.

Ogbono seeds

Ogbono seeds

This is fast becoming one of my favorite soups for morsels as it is very quick to make. Mummy Naijachef and I collaborated on this one.

Prep Steps 🙁

  1. If you bought the ogbono seeds, you will need to grind it in a dry blender. It is best to try and buy the ground seeds.
  2. Pre cook any meats or stock fish you wish to use. I used stock fish in this illustration. I have a pressure cooker and just cooked it there for 2 hours before cooking the ogbono, but this is optional.
    Note: You must not cook the meats or fish with onions! Using onions in this or the soup itself will cause the soup to lose its sliminess (mucilaginous properties).
    Cooked StockFish

    Cooked StockFish & dry fish

Ogbono soup!

  1. The 1st step is to heat the oil. Have it on high heat for about 3-5 mins and turn off. You want the heat just hot enough to ‘melt’ the ground ogbono seeds.
  2. Note: Traditionally, palm oil is used, but we used sunflower oil in this illustration. Most cooking oils will work just as well!

    Heating oil

    Heating oil

  3. Once the heat is off, add in the cup of ground ogbono seeds, and mash it in the oil until everything has ‘melted/dissolved’ completely, and you have a thick paste. The heat should be off or on very very low heat.
  4. Melting Ogbono

    Melting Ogbono

  5. Next, pour in 2 cups of cold water. Turn the heat to low heat now, and stir everything together continuously.
  6. Cold water added to melted Ogbono

    Cold water added to melted Ogbono

  7. As the soup starts to come to a boil, add in the salt, pepper, ground dry crayfish, bouillon seasoning and any fish/meats you would like to add.
  8. Ogbono Cooking

    Ogbono Cooking

    I prefer this with Eba as its rough texture pairs perfectly with the slimy deliciousness that is Ogbono! 🙂 Enjoy!

    Ogbono and Eba

    Ogbono and Eba

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