Okro (Okra)

Okro (Okra)




5 min


7 min


Okra 14 oz
African locust seeds (Iru) 1 tbsp (optional)
Dry fish 1 cup (optional)
Salt 1 tsp
ground Knorr bouillon seasoning 1tsp
Water 1.25 cups

You can imagine my surprise when I heard that Americans eat Okro. My surprise was only increased by hearing that they bread and fry it. I couldn’t understand why anyone would do that to Okro. Of course, this was before I heard that it is also used in gumbo which pacified me just a little bit.

However, when I finally got to eat fried okro, it turned out, it’s actually not that bad. I wouldn’t go out of my way to fry my okro though. And in the reverse case, an American colleague who saw me bring okro to work one day asked to try it, I brought him a small bowl with stew the next day and he finished it, stating that the sliminess wasn’t as bad as he was expecting.

Quick note: Okro when fried, exhibits none of the sliminess us Nigerians are used to.

This is one of the quickest soups you can cook. In fact, if you start to cook it too long, it discolors and becomes inedible.

Prep Steps 🙁

  1. Depending on how you get your okra, it will need to be blended or grated. If you buy it frozen, leave it out for about an hr before you are ready to blend, this makes it easier to blend without having to add lots of water. If you buy whole fresh okra, you can grate it or chop into pieces to blend.
  2. Note: I never grate anymore! Ain’t nobody got time for that!



  3. Blend the okro with 1/4 cup water
  4. Blended Okro

    Blended Okro

Cook in double quick time!

  1. I start by boiling the 1 cup or so of water with the dry fish, salt, bouillon seasoning and locust beans. Once the water is boiling, I pour in the okro and stir till everything is completely mixed
  2. Cooking Okro

    Cooking Okro!

  3. Once it heats up and the okro starts to bubble, stir for about a minute, and you’re done
  4. Pair with stew and any morsel. I prefer this with Eba, because of its relatively rough texture
  5. Okro with Eba

    Okro with Eba!

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