Tuwo shinkafa

Tuwo shinkafa


White rice (non-parboiled) 1 cup
Water 6 cups

Tuwo shinkafa is a Nigerian dish which originates from the north of Nigeria, popular among the Hausa. It is typically prepared using non parboiled white rice. It can also be prepared using rice flour, but this recipe shows the traditional method of using rice.

Tuwo shinkafa is enjoyed with a variety of soups such as miyan kuka.

If you know how to make any other morsel, like amala or eba, you should have no problem making this.

Prep Steps

  1. Wash the rice to make sure it is clean. Make sure to use non-parboiled rice.
  2. Non-parboiled white rice

    Non-parboiled white rice

Making Tuwo shinkafa

  1. Add the water to the cleaned rice and let it cook till the water is dry. Just before it is dry, check the texture of the rice. It should give way easily under your fingers, otherwise, add an extra cup of water.
  2. Next, using a wooden spoon, mash the rice against the edges of the pot to bring the rice together.
  3. Pulling the rice together

    Pulling the rice together

  4. Continue to stir and mash until it forms one nice lump.
  5. To serve in nice round balls, wet your hands and take a scoop to roll between your hands.

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