Top 5 Foods at a Nigerian Party (Owambe)

Top 5 Nigerian Foods

Nigerians, we love our parties! Give us any chance to celebrate, and there needs to be a party. Birthdays, weddings, graduations, birth of a baby, job promotion…sometimes we have parties just because it’s Saturday and we didn’t find anything else to do. Turn down for What???!!! And we don’t just party just to get together and dance, there has to be food. Afterall, any party without Nigerian food is not a party at all, it’s just a meeting!

So here is a list of top 5 foods to expect when you attend a Nigerian party.

Jollof Rice

Every other food on this list is probably open to debate depending on who you talk to. Jollof Rice is not. If you attend a Nigerian party, and there is no Jollof, don’t hang around, they’re not sure what they’re doing. Don’t listen to stories of, “Oh, I wanted to try something different.” Why? It is Jollof for a reason. Nobody gets tired of Jollof. Jollof exists to help party planners have at least 1 dish figured out. It’s a no-brainer.

Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice

Nigerian Fried Rice

Notice, that I said Nigerian. We cook our fried rice differently from the Chinese, Japanese, Indians etc. For one, we use parboiled white rice as the main ingredient. It must also contain peas, sweet corn, carrots and green & red bell peppers. Depending on how rich your host is, shrimp will be found lurking among the rice grains. Don’t judge me if I host you and there’s no shrimp 😐

Nigerian Fried Rice

Photo courtesy: Dobbys Signature

Dodo (Fried Plantain)

There are chances you arrived late, and the dodo was finished. This is very possible. Dodo disappears fast at Nigerian parties, and it is never enough. Except the mistake of using unripe plantains was made. And even then, people still give it a chance.
However, if you arrive, and there is no dodo, ask! Because again, if you are told there was never dodo, that party is suspect!

Fried Plantains Dodo

Photo Courtesy: Avartsy Cooking


Yes, I didn’t specify the type of meat. As long as there is meat, all is complete. I know someone that feels offended and won’t eat the food if he is served a plate that doesn’t have some type of meat or fish present. Meat or fish needs to be available.

Nigerian Beef Stew

Photo Courtesy: My Active Kitchen

Vegetable soup

Depending on where the person hosting the party is from in Nigeria, this can be prepared in a variety of ways. It also means that there is some morsel/swallow/okele available for consumption as an alternative to rice. If you notice vegetable soup, ask for the accompanying morsel. There is a good chance pounded yam is lurking somewhere. Now, to ensure that you please everyone who attends, make sure this is egusi vegetable soup. Some people turn up their noses at just vegetable soup, but add egusi to it, and you will have a higher percentage interested.

Are you hosting a party anytime soon? What are the top 5 dishes you make when hosting a Nigerian party? Leave a comment below!

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