Valentine’s day idea – 3 Course Meal

This valentine’s day idea for dinner was inspired by our friend Kachi, over at KacheeTee. She recently reached out and asked a simple question: What meal do you think men should cook for their wives/ GF/ Fiancee this Valentine, and why have you chosen this?

For the full post from Kachi, see here.

See my response below. I’d like you to try it out and share how it went in the comments’ section below.

I would start off with a salad of greens topped with shaved coconut, dates, raisins, and my avocado dressing.

The main course will be fried rice and grilled chicken breast. (my wife loves Chinese food and chicken breast, so that’s inspired by her).

And to top it off for dessert, simple vanilla ice cream, topped with strawberries, bananas and a drizzle of warm chocolate.

I created this 3-course meal for my wife and mum who was visiting. So, for your valentine’s day meal, follow below. The entire meal took an hour and a half to make from start to finish.


Box of green salad, sliced almonds, raisins, 2 avocados, brown rice, shrimp, mixed veggies, chicken breast/beef/pork, 3 strawberries, 1 banana, 1 pint of vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate syrup.

Steps from start to finish

  • Season your meat and put in the fridge.
  • Clean your vegetables and leave to dry.
  • Thinly slice your strawberries and banana. I used 3 strawberries and 1 banana.
  • Make the salad dressing.
  • Make your main course.
  • Serve.
  • Appetizer

    Get any box of salad greens from a store, a small packet of raisins and sliced almonds. Nuts will do as well, just sprinkle over the salad on a plate. I couldn’t find dates, so I skipped for this. Click for the recipe for the avocado dressing.

    Tossed lettuce salad with sliced almonds and raisins

    Tossed lettuce salad with sliced almonds and raisins

    Main course

    I have come to prefer brown rice for my fried rice because it’s firmer and crunchy. See my brown rice fried rice recipe.

    For the meat, I sliced some chicken breast, seasoned it and baked. The topping sauce is proprietary ;), but bbq sauce will do. You can also use beef or pork as an alternative. I baked the meat in the oven at 350F/176C for about 40 minutes. I put it in just before I started making the fried rice. You can also put the meat in a pan and cook that way.

    Fried rice and chicken breast

    Fried rice and chicken breast


    First of all, don’t be like me and try to make your own chocolate syrup at home. I messed it up and didn’t have time to fix it as you’ll see in the picture below. It happens 🙂

    Take a scoop of the vanilla bean ice cream and surround with the banana and strawberry slices, and top with chocolate syrup. I served this in a martini glass.

    Vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate, strawberries and bananas

    Vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate, strawberries and bananas

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